day one.

got to spend the morning on the trails ‘with’ a few friends today.  after working last night, this was needed.  also needed was the chocolate that was crushed.


being cut-off from the world…

no phone.  no email.  no cares.

really wish i could say that i am enjoying being in anti-social mode, but that would be a lie.  especially since social media is still (too much of) a presence in my life.  if not for facespace and twizzle, my head would be lost.  even more than usual.


when did i become so closed off?

when did i not even let people get close enough so that i could push them away?

when did i just quit caring?



known for some time, but never really admitted:  i use a blanket a lot less for warmth than i do to hide from the world.  likely explains why i use the same blanket year-round (generally without aircon/heat) with no problems.  and, yes, this means that i ‘sleep’ with my head under the covers.  always.

and now you know.


or Fall as some of you know it.  a time when quite a few ‘outdoors-y types’ (and eslecially runners) begin to celebrate and really embrace the turning weather.  a time when the temperatures are cooler.  a time when the humidity is lower.


cold weather and short(er) days does not a happy runner make.  at least this runner.  and it really does not even get that bad in the South.  we do not have to deal with icy, snow-covered trails and sub-freezing temperatures.  nothing more than maybe a pair of arm warmers, gloves, and knit cap are needed most days to stay warm on an adventure.  and this is a time of year when some serious miles can be logged in between races or in preparation for the Winter race season – which we have down here.

but i can almost understand why Fall appeals to some…it is called ‘Summer In the South.’  having lived in Texas, Georgia, and now Tennessee for most of my life, Summer can be a bit less bearable for some.  when it is already 80° with high humidity before you even start your pre-dawn run, getting a good sweat in is not even a question.  and afternoon/evening training can be dangerous for some.  but this is all i know and use it as an advantage when i can.

while i do appreciate the turning colours of the leaves, these same leaves (and there are a LOT of trees in the Southeast) will soon be covering the trails making them difficult to navigate.  and those rocks and roots (again, LOTS of those) you see when the leaves are up and green?  yeah, good luck with staying upright…


i eat a lot of rice.

trending up?

things are a bit sunnier, and I am not talking about just the weather…