Rock/Creek Chattanooga Mountains Stage Race – Raccoon Mountain (Stage 1)

Just a quick note – not a full race report. That comes later.

Good weather for a run. Well, for mid-June, at least. After saying ‘hi’ to a few familiar faces and rubbing elbows with a few new ones (and seeing a famous runner – Annette Bednosky!), we gathered near the start for a few announcements and such then headed out. I did not go out as hard as I usually do, so combined with little breathing room and a quick turn onto the single-track, I was behind more guys than I wanted. I stayed with this small group for almost two (2) miles before I surged a bit and got separation. From there I just continued to run my own race until Trapper Presslar came flying up after the second aid station at Mile 8. We ran a good chunk of the rest of the race together trading pulls until he could not stay with me on a series of climbs. A Rock/Creek runner (Kevin Boucher, maybe?) flew by me on a downhill section with about six (6) miles to go and just kept going. I was alone until the last couple of miles when I could see a guy about a minute up the trail. I went after him and just about caught him but ran out of real estate finishing ~8 seconds back in 13th for a 2:21 first day. Ate and drank a bit. While sitting on the curb, a guy said ‘hey’ and sat near me. ‘It is Mark.’ ‘Ok.’ Then I realised that it was Mark Hekman! He used to race for the Mountain Khakis Pro Cycling Team with Adam Myerson, so I knew who he was from running into him at a few races. We chatted for a bit. After giving up the fame and fortune that comes with being a pro crit racer, he turned to running as a new challenge. He picked a heck of a race to start out with! I packed up the moto to seek out a shower and food and here I am…

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this weekend, i…

-worked some things out with my words and listenings
-did some recreational bonering
-watched Texas A and M University mens’ and womens’ track and field teams win NCAA National Titles
-watch the Texas A and M University baseball team take Game 1 of the Florida State super regional
-was able to throw down a 16 mile road/trail run with little to no pain/discomfort
-got new running shoes (thanks Montrail and Half-Moon Outfitters)
-just had a relaxing few days

And the weekend is not quite over.

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i can only smile. on the outside.

Every time I ride/run/walk past someone in their car and the windows are up, the aircon is blasting, and they are shoving some combination of fast food/’coffee’ drink/big gulp down their face, I can only smile. On the outside.

On the inside I am cringing.

How can people live like that?

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a friendly word of advice.

If you are in the social media/marketing field as a young professional, and a company sends an ice cream truck to your place of business offering your staff ‘free’ treats, you might want to thank them by doing the following if you are going to post a picture of said truck: show the whole name of the company, show their phone number, and most importantly, show their website and even possibly ink back to them.

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i need to be so much more pro/active.  with this.  and my life.

quite a few things have happened recently, with one of them fairly meaningful.  it could have gone a different way if i just communicated like i know that i should/can.  being so set in my ways and non-moving makes things difficult at times.  not just for others, but for me as well.

today starts me on the path that i need to be on.  nothing major will change, but i WILL be more open and accepting and not so closed off to those in and around my life.  being so fiercely independent and private is a detriment that can be avoided with a few simple and small tweaks.

keep an eye out on here…