last night.

Even though I missed The Octopus Project play, I am glad that I went to Charlotte to see them and Explosions In the Sky. I have never seen EITS and have not seen Yvonne and the boys in five or six years. It was nice to catch up a bit after the show, even though I had to ride the moto in not the most ideal of weather (well, it was nice heading *to* the show) for a lot longer than I wanted. Ironic part was that TOP played in ATLanta on Saturday night *and* they stayed *in* ATHens that night! I missed two easy chances to see them, but as with the case of my late arrival Sunday, work dictated my ability to schedule.

While EITS is a great band, last night was not an ideal situation to see them in. It was a pretty big venue (a nice one, too!) and since I got there late, I had to stand waaaaaay in the back. And since there was really no interaction between the band and the crowd (kinda lame), I could have just put one of their records on really loud and had the same effect. Bands like that kinda irritate me.

After the show, Yvonne (from TOP – have known her since my Texas days) and I played phone/message tag, but I ended up running in to her at the merch table. Her and the rest of the band are so friendly and reachable in that they will take time for pictures *and* sign/doodle on each and every shirt/CD/record purchased from them. So awesome.

It was getting ‘late,’ so after good-byes, we all hit our respective roads. My journey back to Georgia was not nice as I was tired, cold, and hungry. After several pit stops, I made it back and crawled straight in to bed.


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