grinding the gears…

I have spent the better part of the last few days in bed and under the cover for a number of reasons: it has been cold outside, the house mate gifted me with the funk, and I pretty much hate the holidays. With most folks out of town and most places in town closed, I had nothing really else to do. Why not catch up on sleep? I did, however, log a nice, easy 17 mile run on Christmas Day. And I was very happy to see quite a few other folks out doing the same, especially the families that were hiking out at Sandy Creek Nature Center. Kudos to them!

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racing? hardly.

The racing that I have tried to do recently has just not happened for various reasons. Today’s Sleighbell 5k was the latest race I missed. The alarm went off this morning to get me up in plenty of time, but between the cold and my body protesting since I just finished working 3 of the last 4 shifts, I was too pooped to get up. Same thing happened last Sunday: there was a 15k trail race I was really looking forward to, but had just gotten off a split-double and was trashed. Even if the brain would have cooperated, the legs would not have. Kinda pissed as I likely would have won it looking at the results. Before that was the 13.1/ATLanta Track Club ATLanta Half-Marathon on Thanksgiving morning. I went up the day before to get my race packet and number and spend some time with Mark and Sarah. We goofed off and ran around Buckhead and North ATLanta. I went to bed at a decent hora and set the alarm for what I thought was a good time. Hardly. By the time I got up and out the door, it was already 6a. My start wave was set to go off at 730a. They were expecting over 15000 runners and I was 25 miles away. You can figure out the math to find out why I was still sitting in traffic at 815a along with a lot of other runners. The previous Saturday had me arriving at the start line of a fun 15k road run as the gun went off. I was still in my street clothes or I would have jumped in.

I know that I am nowhere near the most on-time of people, but even this is a little extreme for me. Maybe some day I will learn? Nah.

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