i had bike practice!

Of the German cabbage kind, even. Hurt like shit. Since I had become (more of) a runner, the bike gets used pretty much for transportation and the yearly race or so – that I do not really practice for. With ‘cross season in full swing, I figured that I would take advantage of the nice weather and practice a bit. While I still have decent fitness and skills (from running and years of MTB racing), my ‘cross skills are sorely lacking. Can you say painful and embarrassing dis/mounts? Grassy sprint are still good, though.

The rest of the time on the bike today was just spent rolling around looking for hills to work up and do a few sprints on.

Anyone who says fitness is fitness, especially as it relates to bikes versus feet, is entirely wrong. I am a strong and fast runner, with trails as my passion, but put me back on the back, and I feel like a crippled sloth. No sprint. No climb. No sustained endurance. I can run a sub-3:00 marathon, but 200 metres at threshold FUCKING HURTS.

So yeah.

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i am awesome. just another bearded vegan ultra-endurance athlete.

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