Been a pretty average past week or so. Not much to write about. Racing this weekend. Basically all that I am thinking about. Gonna be a short trip, though, as I work the night before and again the night of the race. Adam will likely chide me, but shit, man, I have to work. Never mind that I have enough money put away to take most of the rest of the year off, I want more.

But whatever. The little bit of tiredness in my legs (and brain) will be worth the lack of hassle. And this will be the first race in about eight (8) years that I have brought someone to. Someone that I am seeing, at least. It is kinda by default, though, as she is providing the transportation to the race venue – Raccoon Mountain in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Still. Will be weird to have to deal with someone else and not be as social (read: flirty) as I usually am. I mean, c’mon. There are always cute and fit racers at these events. How can I not flirt?

Not this year.

Training has been going ok lately. Well, it is not really training as much as I have just been out running. Long days. Fast days. A track day thrown in the mix. No real purpose to the miles I have been logging. I need to get serious. Picked up a book that kind of put things into perspective for me. Unless you are running with a (specific) purpose, you are pretty much just running. Not to say that all those long days pounding the pavement were bad, but did not do a whole lot of good, either. I have the base, and now I just need to get fast. Hopefully the last two years were not wasted.


a new crappy beer.

i give it ONE thumbs up.

Had a new crappy beer yesterday: michelob ultra lime cactus. Wow. Even by my poor standards this was a new low. I did not even realise it was 4% when I bought it. It was very drinkable, however. Even when warm. Instead of being labeled beer, they should call it slightly alcoholic lime soda, because that is basically what it was.

Picture to follow. Maybe.  (or for sure.)

more crap to try and keep up with.

Crap. As if my neglected LiveJournal was not enough, now I have this site as well. At least this one is easy to access on the mobile telephone. We shall see if I can keep up with it. At. All.

Good luck?

Hello world!

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