sun. snow. confusion.


srsly omg wtf.

march 25th, 2014.

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How to Build Muscles as a Vegan or Vegetarian

hard for me to argue with this!  and as stated, ALL PLANT-BASED FOODS CONTAIN PROTEIN.

(this personally is not an advertisement as i do not currently use any Sunwarrior products nor am i sponsored by them in any way)

day one.

got to spend the morning on the trails ‘with’ a few friends today.  after working last night, this was needed.  also needed was the chocolate that was crushed.

being cut-off from the world…

no phone.  no email.  no cares.

really wish i could say that i am enjoying being in anti-social mode, but that would be a lie.  especially since social media is still (too much of) a presence in my life.  if not for facespace and twizzle, my head would be lost.  even more than usual.


when did i become so closed off?

when did i not even let people get close enough so that i could push them away?

when did i just quit caring?



known for some time, but never really admitted:  i use a blanket a lot less for warmth than i do to hide from the world.  likely explains why i use the same blanket year-round (generally without aircon/heat) with no problems.  and, yes, this means that i ‘sleep’ with my head under the covers.  always.

and now you know.

Going nuts: Man arrested for indecent exposure at local pool – Cops – Mobile Adv

nine years was just not enough time…